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Big-Bang Cannon Siege Field Gun - Black

Big-Bang Cannon Siege Field Gun - Black
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Black with Red Wheels (23"L x 6 1/2"W x 6 1/2"H, 4 1/2 lbs.) Big Bang Cannon for sports and celebrations. No matches - No powder -can't burst from overcharge Bangsite®   One FREE tube included with each cannon!!!

  • Ammunition used in all BIG-BANG® Cannons
  • Easy instructions enclosed with each cannon
  • One tube of Bangsite® produces about 100 shots

Spark Plug  One FREE Spark Plug included with each cannon!!!
A specially made spark plug is used in the ignitor of all BIG-BANG® Cannons. Be sure to order enough spark plugs for replacement. One spark plug lasts about as long as one tube of Bangsite®.

Safety Features

  • No gunpowder is used.
  • No matches required.
  • Bangsite® cannot be ignited by hottest flame.
  • Absolutely no recoil or "kick".
  • Concussion cannot explode Bangsite®.
  • Bangsite® is permitted to be shipped by mail without special markings.

A Safety Demonstration

Publicized in chemical and scientific periodicals, the Big-Bang® Cannon serves as a teaching tool in many high school, college and university classrooms

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