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Civil War

Civil War

Whether you call it the Civil War, the War Between the States, or the War of Northern Aggression – no matter what side your ancestors may have fought on, all can agree that this conflict defined the path of America for Centuries to come. Collector’s Armoury is proud to represent the rich history of this era with over 135 unique replica Civil War weapons and collectibles.

Chancellorsville, Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg, Antietam – in hundreds of battles big and small from 1861 to 1865, Americans battled Americans for what they believed in. re-enactors, collectors, and history buffs, with authentic, affordable, high quality Civil War collectibles and replicas, including Civil War pistols, rifles, swords, flags, equipment, uniform accessories and more. At the Collector’s Armory we try to bring history to life for everyone. Civil war Reenactment Accessories, civil war reenactment equipment, Civil war field gear, civil war weapons, civil war insignia, civil war stage props, civil war sword, civil war pistol, metals, badges, slouch hats, civil war bugle, officer’s knot, officer’s sword, trooper’s sword, Kepi, officer’s gloves, belt buckles, sword belt, sword hanger, Patches, badges, hat Pins, buttons, cuff links, buckles, insignia, Replica weapons, pistol, officer’s gray, officer’s blue Field gear, hat cord, belt, civil war flag, confederate flag, canteen, flask, buttons, union eagle, civil war southern cross, Calvary insignia, confederate, union reenactment equipment,Reenactment of the civil war, civil war reenactment accessories, reenactment equipment.

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