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Company Information

Company Info: Since 1957 Serving The United States Of America.

APO FPO Shipping for US Military Government contract info: DUNS: 805333275
CAGE Code: 415T8

Frank Bee Enterprises 3439 East Tremont Ave Bronx , NY 10465 Toll Free 800-372-6523 email: uniforms@msn.com

SHIPPING & HANDLING (Orders value greater than $1000.00 will be actual shipping cost)
$ 0
$ 8.00
$ 25.01
$ 14.00
**Sorry, but all orders shipped with a free freight discount and returned for refund will be charged the original shipping charges. Orders will not be able to be tracked until after 8 P.M. from the day they were shipped . Usually 1-2 days from the date of the order. If your order does not show up that does not mean the order was not shipped, The order may not have been keyed in yet or the ups system may be down temporarily. Please use this service only for a guide as there can be variables which may create difficulties. i.e.. U.P.S. may have picked up early and we were able to send your package postal, express or FedEx.

Note: We most often get to process the order the same day, However the standard rules apply. If you have 2nd day or next day air we of course prioritize those orders and will make every attempt to get them out same day but this is sometimes impossible.

Your Order Status: Frankbee.com has a 98% fill-ratio in ten days or less ! However, please be mindful of the time required for processing (filling the order, completing required paperwork) and shipping (time-in-transit). Processing time: regardless of shipping method (ground, next day air, second day air), please allow approx. 1-2 business days to process your order.

Shipping time: generally speaking, orders shipped by UPS Standard Ground delivery, east of the Mississippi, require approx. 5 BUSINESS days in-transit (in addition to the 3-5 days for order processing); west of the Mississippi requires approx. 7 BUSINESS days in-transit (in addition to the 3-5 days for order processing). Second day air is 2 BUSINESS days (in addition to the 1-2 days for order processing); next day air is 1 BUSINESS day (in addition to the 1-2 days for order processing).

Examples: Ground Delivery: 1-2 days for order processing + 5-7 business days (does NOT include Saturday & Sunday) shipping time = 5-7 days total. 2nd Day Air: 1-2 days for order processing + 2 business days (does NOT include Saturday & Sunday) shipping time = 3-5 days total. Next Day Air: 1-2 days for order processing + 1 business day (does NOT include Saturday & Sunday) shipping time = 3-4 days total.

For Military Sales and Bulk Purchases, please contact, Special operations coordinator, Mr. Baker 718-823-9475<p>
DUNS: 805333275
CAGE Code: 415T8
Legal Business Name: Frank Bee Enterprises Inc.
Company URL: http://www.FrankBee.com
Physical Street Address 1: 3439 E.Tremont Ave.
Physical City: BRONX
Physical State: NY
Physical Zip Postal Code: 10465-2001
Physical Country: USA
Mailing Name: Frank Bee Enterprises Inc.
Mailing Address: 3439 E.Tremont Ave.
Mailing City: BRONX
Mailing State: NY
Mailing Zip/Postal Code: 10465-2001
Mailing Country: USA
Business Start Date: 11/05/1956


Army National Guard
Coast Guard
Department of Agriculture
Department of Air Force
Department of Army
Department of Commerce
Department of Defense
Department of Energy
Department of Health & Human Services
Department of Interior
Department of Labor
Department of Navy
Department of Transportation
Department of Treasury
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Buildings
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Communications Commission
General Services Administration
Homeland Security
Hospitals/Medical Centers
Marine Corps.
National Archives & Record Administration
Prime Contractors
Public Utilities
Secret Service
Small Business Administration
Social Security Administration
Soil Conservation Service
USDA Forest Service
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Marshall Service
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Veterans Administration

10.) Weapons
12.) Fire Control Equipment
13.) Ammunition & Explosives
15.) Aircraft & Airframe Structural Components
16.) Aircraft Components & Accessories
17.) Aircraft Launching, Landing & Gnd. Hdlg. Equipment
19.) Ships, Small Craft, Pontoons & Floating Docks
20.) Ship & Marine Equipment
22.) Railway Equipment
23.) Motor Vehicles, Trailers & Cycles
24.) Tractors
25.) Vehicular Equipment Components
26.) Tires & Tubes
28.) Engines, Turbines & Components
29.) Engine Accessories
30.) Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment
31.) Bearings
32.) Woodworking Machinery & Equipment
34.) Metalworking Machinery
35.) Service & Trade Equipment
36.) Special Industry Machinery
37.) Agricultural Machinery & Equipment
38.) Construction, Mining & Excavating Equipment
39.) Materials Handling Equipment
40.) Rope, Cable, Chain & Fittings
41.) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Equipment
42.) Fire Fighting, Safety & Rescue Equipment
43.) Pumps & Compressors
44.) Furnace, Steam Plant & Drying Equipment
45.) Plumbing, Heating & Sanitation Equipment
46.) Water Purification & Sewage Treatment Equipment
47.) Pipe, Tube, Hose & Fittings
48.) Valves
49.) Maintenance & Repair Shop Equipment
50.) Hydraulics
51.) Hand Tools
52.) Measuring Tools
53.) Hardware & Abrasives
54.) Prefabricated Structures & Scaffolding
55.) Lumber, Millwork, Plywood & Veneer
56.) Construction & Building Materials
58.) Comm., Detection & Coherent Radiation Equipment
59.) Electrical & Electronic Equipment & Components
60.) Fiber Optics, Mats, Components & Accessories
61.) Electric Wire, Power & Distribution Equipment
62.) Lighting Fixtures & Lamps
63.) Alarm, Signal & Detection Systems
65.) Drugs, Medical, Dental & Veterinary Equipment
66.) Instruments & Lab Equipment
67.) Photographic Equipment
68.) Chemicals & Chemical Products
69.) Training Aids & Devices
70.) Computer Software, Hardware & Supplies
71.) Furniture & Office Furniture
72.) Household & Commercial Furnishings & Appliances
73.) Food Preparation & Service Equipment
74.) Office Machines & Related Equipment
75.) Office Supplies & Devices
76.) Books, Maps & Other Publications
77.) Musical Instruments, Radios & Televisions
78.) Recreational & Athletic Equipment
79.) Cleaning Equipment & Supplies
80.) Brushes, Paints, Sealers & Adhesives
81.) Containers, Packaging & Packing Supplies
83.) Textiles, Leathers, Furs, Notions, Yarn, Tents & Flags
84.) Clothing & Individual Equipment
85.) Toiletries
87.) Agricultural Supplies
88.) Live Animals
89.) Subsistence
91.) Fuels, Lubricants, Oils & Waxes
93.) Nonmetallic Fabricated Materials
94.) Nonmetallic Crude Materials
95.) Metal Bars, Sheets & Shapes
96.) Ores, Minerals & Their Primary Products
99.) Advertising Specialties, Awards, Signs & Misc.

A) Research & Development
B) Special Studies & Analysis
C) Architect & Engineering Services
D) ADP & Telecommunication Services
E) Purchase of Structures & Facilities
F) Natural Resources & Conservation Services
G) Social Services
H) Quality Control, Testing & Inspection Services
J) Maintaining, Repairing or Rebuilding of Equipment
K) Modification of Equipment
L) Technical Representative Services
M) Operation of Government Owned Facilities
N) Installation of Equipment
P) Salvage Services
Q) Medical Services
R) Professional, Administrative & Support Services
S) Utilities, Janitorial & Landscaping Services
T) Printing, Publishing & Screen Printing Services
U) Education & Training Services
V) Travel, Transportation & Relocation Services
W) Lease or Rental of Equipment
X) Lease or Rental of Facilities
Y) Construction of Structures & Facilities
Z) Manufacturing

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