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Le Page Dueling Pistol - .45 Caliber Black Powder Pistol

Le Page Dueling Pistol - .45 Caliber Black Powder Pistol
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This Product Is In Stock And Available Now. This French Style Percussion Dueling Pistol Was Originally Manufactured By The Armourer Le Page For Napoleon In 1811. It Has A Silver Plated Butt-Cap And Trigger Guard, A Highly Polished Lock And Barrel, And One-Piece Walnut Stock. The Triggerguard Curves Into A Spur Finger Rest Common To Target Pistols. The Double Set Triggers Allow For A Stronger Or Quicker Pull According To The Shooter's Needs. This Is An Elegant, Accurate, Strong Pistol That Looks Great Hanging On The Wall And Feels Great For Recreational Shooting. No License Required. You Must Be 18 Years Old To Purchase And 21 Years Old To Sign For This Product. Please Check Your Local Laws Before Ordering To Ensure Compliance. This Product Comes With Basic Eye And Hearing Protection. This Product Can Only Be Shipped To U.S. Locations.
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